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oooops, Iput my foot in it, did,t I? I do not suggest MB engineers do not make mistakes, merely that they had 50 years to correct the once they did make (or some of them). Essentially, all I wanted to say was that MB owners are , to phrase it gently, overly sensitive to the engine temps. As a couple people observed at this post, most cars have fluctuating engine temps. My wife's Stang has a temp gauge that says "H" on one end and "C" on other and a needle that bounces to and fro between these two upto 3/5 of the range of the read out.

When I bought my MB I thought I had a problem, but both my mech and the Stealer told me "as long as tempis not in the red, you're OK". I wasn't. The fan switch did not work. Were they deficient in their advice or simply tired of MB owners agonizing over their cars because "the engine is overheating! It's running at 95C instead of 92C!!"

I also do not proscribe to the believe that cooler is better. Every engine has a certain range of operating temperatures, and I would advise to check what they are before artificially lowering temperature of a cooling system operating perfectly within it's designed range.
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