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126 / 560 SEL - Good News & 2 issues

Did a tune up this weekend and wow, what a huge difference in the way the car runs!

Changed plugs, Beru wires, dist cap and rotor, air, smog filter, fixed rear seat recline (finally!), new hood pad.

Took 2 of us, about 2 and a half hours and I think well worth the effort and the car runs smooth, a slight idle hitch but barely noticeable, fantastic response and am sure will translate to better fuel efficiency .....

The ABS light is still an issue - I could not find the abs sensors to clean them as there a 3 leads into the front tires and did not know which one to pull out to clean. The OVP is new (2nd new one) so dunno, it is driving me NUTS! ..... the steering damper , sway bar links is next. Does some one have a pic of what the idler arm looks like?

A easy DIY with wonderful results! Wundabah!

A big thank you for all the help and advice received from you guys, the postings and some of my PMs. A big thanks to Mike T!
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