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Additional info

Since I don't have access to a compressor, I would have to pay someone to do the flushing. A recent post by Steve Brotherton described the meticulous steps that he takes in flushing an evaporator, and I decided I must take care in choosing a shop to do the work. It seems an incompetent flush could do more harm than good. And I just don't know who I could trust here in Las Vegas to do good work. This is why if it is not deemed improper, I would prefer to skip the flush.

I should mention that I am fixing the A/C on this car only because I intend to sell it. Still, I want to do right by the future owner and make a proper repair. I would rather spend $500 or whatever and flush than spend nothing and no flush if this prevents the next guy from trouble at some point down the road...

And regarding conversion, I'm going to stick with R-12. Steve Brotherton and Larry Bible have convinced me it's best to do so.

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