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Different hot start/idle problem!

I've searched the previous threads for hours without finding the solution to my problem. My '90 300TE-24v (104 engine without emission control equipment) starts fine when cold, settling down from 1200 rpm to its normal 600 rpm within a minute or two. When warmed up however, it starts fine but the idle speed hunts up & down between about 400rpm and 1500 rpm, gradually settling down to 600 rpm in about 15-30 seconds. Sometimes it drops so low it stalls and has to be restarted a couple of times.
At all other times it runs fine.
I have changed the OVP relay & idle control valve to no effect.
Any suggestions?
90 300TE 24v (M104 eng) 207K miles
87 300TE (M103 eng) 269K miles (and never had the head off!)
86 300TE (M103 eng) 230K+ miles (donor car)
95 Toyota Lucida diesel 4wd
86 200T 165K miles (sold)
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