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The differences between gas and diesel motors mainly in the setting up of the pump. The mechanical issues are similar with the exception of the crankshaft.

As Larry points out it is surface hardened and will take special treatment if damage has been done to thr surface. The treatment is called Nitriding and involves heating and cooking the crank in a pile of nitride salts.

The other area of diference is in the oil cooling nozzles which direct a stream of oil into the crown of the piston from beneath. These have the be serviced properly. All info is in the engine manual or in the Body CD (engine manual section). In quire about any procedures you don't understand and leave it alone if you don't have the info.

As Larry points out; it is not necessary to replace the sleeves unless cylinder damage/wear isn't cleared by 0.5mm overbore used for the one repair size. We buy the oversize pistons send to machine shop and provide sleeves only in above cases and then we bore them right to the 0.5mm oversized piston.

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