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Originally Posted by sixto View Post
What car in your sig line will take 124 seat covers?

87 300D
An 87 300TD I am buying. I dont have any spare parts for a 124... I just sold my 123 wagon Saturday to a fellow forum member, and while i was on the phone with my wife (she was in NC traveling) telling her the gentleman left with the wagon, and I was bummed out about parting with it, she asked me if they made a more "modern" looking wagon for her daily needs. That very day, I found the 87 300TD. It needs work, but as anyone that knows me will tell you, those are the only kind I buy. lol

But seriously, I will need some Palomino interior parts for it. Once I get the car here, I'll post a list of what it needs. Most of the mechanical work a friend is going to do for me while I work out of town. But I'm pretty excited to get into the more interior detail work and completing it over time. But hopefully, my friend can have it driveable in a few days.
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