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Talking changing 230E to 320E front brake calipers?

Dear All,

Hello! I am from Malaysia, and my first car bought 2 mths ago was a 1991 W124, 230E brought in from the UK.

As the brake performance is rather sluggish, i have decided to change the front brake calipers of the 230E to the 320E, we got a lot of used spare parts here in Kuala Lumpur.

SO instead of the 2 port caliper, the 320E's caliper is supposedly having 4 ports. i would assume that the braking would then be much improved. but i would like to seek ur kind opinion first.

the mechanic tells me that the back brake caliper of the 230E and 320E is the same, only the front is different, can anyone also confirm this?

by changing the front to a 4 port caliper, need i change the master brake pump as well?

thanks alot for reading! cheers!
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