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Though persistant you may be, scientific you are not. What you must address is: what is changing when you do all these activities. Your various actions kill the car. You act as if that is a unique act. You are either stopping the fuel pump or the ignition. The car will live through an EHA failure unless it is getting a mighty powerful wrong signal; which is easy to monitor.

Determining which is the next step. The answer will not jump on you, as you fram around.

I don't know where in Georgia you are, but if the car is driveable I will donate a Saturday to showing you how we would test these items and we WILL figure your car out. We might even throw a part or two at it (all diagnostic tools to evaluate a hyphothesis - we won't replace anything until there is a scientific question to be answered). When we get an answer, you can fix it.

We could even sell tickets, maybe! Anyone else want to fix this beast?
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