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Just removed the fuel tank today to pull the entire exhaust for a TimeValve SS exhaust.

Overall the gas tank is in great shape and the interior shows zero corrosion. However, I noticed some tail-tell signs of fuel weepage at the seams of the upper and lower halves of the gas tank. The signs were more like "witness marks" vice "wet". Not sure what to make of it, but I figure I got three options:

1. Have the tank checked out by a fuel tank repair facility (do you have any you recommend).
2. Use Restomotive's fuel tank sealer and just seal the seams from the inside. Being careful of course to not let it get near the fuel inlet "bucket" area.
3. Buy a new fuel tank (ugh, $500+).

I am replacing all low pressure fuel lines and wormscrew clamps along with the support floor.

Please, any other thoughts/advice you might have while I've got both the tank and exhaust out would be appreciated.

Thorough cleaning and corrosion PM underway in the aft half of the G.

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