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The hot start problem on my 1989 230E was solved after replacing the fuel injector nozzles. The old onew were leaking, causing a pressure drop in a fuel line and a rich air/fuel mixture. If
I remember correctly the nozzles were $20 each. The day when I replaced the nozzles I also changed the spark plugs so the spark plugs may have been contributing to the problem too. Try listening to the fuel pumps also. Sometimes the fuel pump relay gets bad and engages after 2-3 attempts to start.
Currently my car has a stalling in traffic problem. Once stuck in traffic I had to wait for 1-2 hours for the car to start back. Then last week I opened the hood and tapped on the fuel pressure regulator with a back of a screwdriver. The car started right up and so far I did this 2 times when the car stalled and the tapping trick works. The solution to my problem is buying a new fuel pressure regulator. I am trying to get it cheap and looking for a used one now. Good luck on finding the solution to your hot start problem.

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