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Cooling System

Im very interested in all these post to cooling issues. Would it be correct to assume that heat is the #1 enemy of your transmission. Living in South La is as close to tropical as your gonna in the lower 48. The other day, and it was only in mid 80's, while sitting for a long period of time I noticed the temp rose to 105. At what temp do the fans kick on. And I suppose as quite as it is in the cabin your not gonna hear it or feel it right? Are these tropical clutches and other items available over the internet? Would it be a no no to use something along the lines as Red Line Water Wetter Super Coolant when I do my coolant flush. I have a gallon of MB Coolant and plan to use distilled water as my mixer. I know there have been some post to the negativity with using distilled water. I asked the other day while at the dealership buying my MB Coolant and the shop techs said they just use the city water (tap). It is some of the softest water in the country. We dont have a lot of #1's here but the water and food are the best period. Thanks for all the info with the many post. Learn Learn Learn.

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