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Thinking the timing device is frozen.

At idle the smoke is still bad. When you rev it the smoke cleans up. If the timing device was screwed up it would not have the correct timing at idle only when you revved it. Is this a logical statement? I want to make sure I understand where the timing marks are viewed from. The degree marks on the flywheel should be set in the centre of the round window in the sheetmetal bracket bolted to the front of the engine cover at approximatley the 10oclock position facing the crankshaft. When this is done the timing tab on the IP should be centred in the port on the side of the IP which usually has a threaded plug in it & is removed to see the tab. Do I understand this correctly?. So if my concept is correct then the timing is advanced at idle due to the failure of the timing device. In order to test this theory I would like to rotate the IP approximatley the same number of degrees as the timing device is out. this should clean up the idle. so which direction should I turn the IP body to temporarily correct the idle timing. I did try a set of known good injectors lent to me by a friend. I also disconnected everything on the intake side up to and including the intake manifold as well as the turbo inlet from the exhaust manifold. The result was still the same black smoke at idle cleaning up when revved.. My reasoning tells me that nothing in the way of sensors or valves could affect the mixture under these circumstances. Only the internal engine components would still be in play ie the IP , timing chain, timing device and injectors. Is this correct? Cheers Dan
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