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Originally Posted by sjh View Post
I could of helped you 20+ years ago.

It's been that long since I've worked with that stuff. At that time data I/O cards were low cost and I'd stick them on a dedicated PC. The programming languages were so simple even I could write the code.

Gotta think it's WAY better now.
Oh it is and it isn't. If I have to I'll enhance my C++ or even java abilities... Some of the straight out of the box stuff is dongle protected Windows only - sometimes pay every year! - crappy software run stuff. Bruel & Kjaer used to (might still do) have a software reduced capability on some of their products... least in the old days when they used to make hardware to last forever you could always use what you'd got...

...but then you had the choice of small house by the sea or 8 channel FFT analyser...
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