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It appears you have mis-understood the concept of the relay. All the relay does is simulate the closing of the pressure switch on the receiver/dryer. Everything else in the car works just as it did out of the factory. So......if my relay ever fails, the car works just like it did when it was manufactired.

Several folks have mentioned cost. The total cost was $20.00 and a few hours on a Saturday.

I knew I was going to start a controversy, but all I was trying to do was post a a mod that some folks might find helpful. There are MANY posts dealing with the temps issue. I'm only trying to confine the temp fluctuations on MY car to a minimum. I have somewhat succeeded.

There's lots to learn about this beast, and thanks to the help of many members of this forum I've learned a tremendous amount. There is still much more to learn!!!!

A special thanks to stevebfl for his dissertation on the adjustment of fuel mixture. He has skillfully explained not just "how to", but the concepts behind the "how to". Due to his many patient explanations, I was able to adjust my fuel mixture to spec, as well as track down a nagging intermittent "high idle" problem to an apparent faulty temp sensor.

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