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Hey buddy How long long does your car have to sit before it starts rough? If it sits all night and then starts rough, and then clears up after a few seconds it's probably a leaky injector(s) or leaky fuel distributor. If it starts rough after only a short time of being off, it's probably a REALLY leaky injector(s) or fuel distributor! Have your mechanic connect a fuel pressure guage and verify correct pressure when running, and then shut it down. If there is a large pressure loss that will eliminate an ignition problem. You may need to keep the pressure guage connected overnight. If you find a pressure loss it's easy to determine if it's a bad injector. You can remove the injectors and re-connect them to the fuel lines, and then turn on the key to pressurize the system( don't worry, they won't spray unless the air flow sensor plate is pushed down ). If any nozzles are leaking you'll see droplets on the tips. If no droplets form, the leak is someplace else ( most likely the fuel distributor). If you lose fuel pressure rapidly, the check valve in the pump is probably bad. Don't forget to check the distributor cap and rotor! You'd be surprised how often this is overlooked! Good luck and let me know how you do.
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