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ASR related problems

What may be causing the problem is a deteriorated engine wiring harness or the wiring harness to the electronic throttle actuator.

The insulation on the individual wires inside the big black jacket turn to a powder, and when jiggled around short out. The computer system doesn't like this and goes into 'limp in' mode. Depending on exactly which wire shorted to what, the ASR computer senses a fault

If the ABS is working OK(no warning light), that rules out a wheel speed sensor. The ASR looks at the steering wheel angle, each rear wheel speed, accelerator position, engine rpm and electronic throttle position. If the measurements don't add up the proper way TILT goes the ASR computer.

Sometimes the steering wheel angle sensor acts up. Try turning the wheel lock to lock and then restarting the car.

Good luck. Electronic throttles cost around $1,000, wiring harnesses lots more.
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