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Originally Posted by leathermang View Post
If this is the R4 compressor the manual says the manifold needs to be renewed. Seems it can not be flushed properly in case of compressor failure.
You mean this:

Clean that sucker out...

Pic shows 134a valve with the red top on it and the r12 valve on the top tube.

If you have r12 for sure I'd stick with it. Consensus seems to be that R4 compressors are marginal running with r12 pressures and r134a operating pressures are higher. Oil is another thing. R4's may not agree with the oils r134a require plus r134a will leak out of the old hoses faster than r12.

If your compressor threw debris through the system you may be in for a job. Not an impossible job, not really that hard, just kind of tedious.
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