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Yes, that one.
Someone was going to send me an old one and me cut it apart to see if we could determine if there was some screen hidden in there which can not be cleaned properly... thus the instructions in the MB AC manual to REPLACE IT ....
The impression that R4 running R12 were marginal only comes from you hanging around a group of people who have cars with 200k PLUS miles on them and often cars which they have no idea what kind of idiot serviced them in the decades before they owned them.
MILLIONS of R4's worked great with R12 ....
I do not know if ' TEX' is from Texas... but if he is then R12 is the highly recommended refrigerant running Castrol premium cold flow oil of the proper amount. Cleaning the system properly is of extreme importance if you want it to last... and cool...

VStech, where did the super AC sticky thread go ? Are you condensing and finalizing it now... since you have plenty of time with no huge time sensitive projects in your getting rid of 75 cars which accidentally followed you home over the years....
It is still hot in Texas....LOL
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