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Lightbulb The diagnosis sounds right

Thanks for the help...

Your analsys sounds correct. The car must sit for a while before it starts rough. An immediate restart is "fairly" smooth. But when is sits over night...It's a bumpy morning! So I really believe it is one or more injector.

I am going to order the injectors, seals and clips tomorrow from my on-line parts place and I should have them by Friday.

I am one of those visual kind of guys...If I can see the steps on paper and then in my head I can do the job. But if I can't visualize it..It's a rough task. That's why I keep hoping that someone has had experience changing injectors and would be willing to share some steps...written or visual.

I'm going to get a Hanes manual tomorrow and hope that will help some.

I'll report to you guys in the forum after the jos is done and let you know how it goes. Hopefully, I'll be able to do the job this weekend.

Thanks again for all your help.
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