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Originally Posted by dieselshake View Post
First off, this is my first post on peachparts and I've been perusing off and on since I bought my '82 240D in June. I must say, this is a great forum--thank you for being here!

I want to adjust the valves on the 240, but have heard mixed opinions about what tools to use. My big thing is price--some of the old posts on here speak about the Hazet wrenches costing about $55, now they're up to $130 on ebay, which I'd rather not have to save for to afford. I'm a complete rookie on anything mechanical, but I'm here to learn.

So, is there a cheaper source to purchasing these wrenches, or a better wrench out there for the job, or do I have to bite the bullet for a headache-free experience? Any feedback is much appreciated.
I've got a set of the proper three HAZET wrenches available for $85. shipped to your door in about 3 days if you decide to invest for the long term! Just PM me if that will work for you, good luck with your car and the valve adjustment either way you decide.
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