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Originally Posted by dieselshake View Post
First off, this is my first post on peachparts and I've been perusing off and on since I bought my '82 240D in June. I must say, this is a great forum--thank you for being here!

I want to adjust the valves on the 240, but have heard mixed opinions about what tools to use. My big thing is price--some of the old posts on here speak about the Hazet wrenches costing about $55, now they're up to $130 on ebay, which I'd rather not have to save for to afford. I'm a complete rookie on anything mechanical, but I'm here to learn.

So, is there a cheaper source to purchasing these wrenches, or a better wrench out there for the job, or do I have to bite the bullet for a headache-free experience? Any feedback is much appreciated.
Maybe see if there's someone local in St Louis who has a set you can borrow or who'll assist with the valves. As a self-described "rookie on anything mechanical" another set of eyes on the engine and car wouldn't hurt for your first adjustment.

The right wrenches are great, but there are alternatives.

I don't know how to search for locations, so maybe just a post in DD looking for an assist in St Louis. Spring for lunch, bring over a 6-pack, barter...
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