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Are you saying you already purchased a reman? If so I would just go with it.

There is some info on how the compressor should be oriented. There is an "X" on the case that needs to be either up or down and I think it's possible to get one that will mount upside down.

Plenty of info here if you search R4.

$9.50 an ounce. Ouch! At those prices you could "tool up" and do it yourself with help from the forum. That way you could service it yourself in the future with R12 from ebay or somewhere... I guess it depends on how much you like getting dirty

Do you know where your expansion valve is? You'll need to pull it and at least inspect it and flush your evaporator plus all the hoses.

I just re-did my entire system and it wasn't near as bad as I had envisioned
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