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Originally Posted by tex599 View Post
Live in Fort Worth, TX, so if anyone knows somebody that can do R12 at a reasonable rate let me know.

Expansion valve, behind the glove box right?

1980sd, how did you flush your system?
Not the best method but it worked for me:

Quest/Clean and flush aerosol (CA-1) | A/C System Cleaner |

Smelled like some sort of citrus stuff. I replaced everything but my evaporator but I used this stuff to flush it out. It has a tube with a rubber stopper for shooting it into the lines. I pretty much just followed the directions on the can. I hooked a hose up to the line leaving the evaporator so I could see what was coming out and I gathered a lot of funk! You'll need compressed air as well but my little nail-gun compressor worked fine.

The best method would be to blow it out with some inert gas with a "pulse-gun" to keep moisture out of the system though...

You'll need to do your condenser as well as your hoses so just get used to the idea that everything needs to be disconnected. It's not that bad once you get started.

My expansion valve was behind my instrument cluster but yours may be behind the glove box. I'd consider that a plus because you can leak-test without figuring a work-around for having no instruments.

It'll need to come out and be replaced as well.

I have little AC experience but managed to get mine working using all backyard/DIY methods other than charging the system. I paid someone to do that.

Saving $$ is secondary to the satisfaction I get from figuring stuff out and tinkering with cars.

Good luck and don't get in a big hurry! Lots of good resources here!
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