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Originally posted by TXBill:
I only say this because it has happened on two different SD's is make sure you have it all the way in park. Did you try to start it in neutral? Shifter bushings are common replacement items on these cars. If your car starts in neutral you can further confirm this by turning it back off and putting it right back in park. If it starts it's in park, if it does not start get out and try to push the car and see how far it rolls. Be careful. And good luck!

Spoke to the guy who sold me the car, Turns out there is a Kill switch under the drivers side dash.. There is a toggle switch and a switch to depress.. It seems the only way to start the car is by depressing the switch and turning the key at the same time ..I don't understand why this problem is just now occuring... I must have disconnected some wire by mistake. I dread having to go through this routine every time I start the car...I have another question, I had a key made for my 300 SD at a flea market.. I half expected the key not to work.. It was real cheap metal and for only $3.00, no way. When I left the Flea market I tried the key and it worked.. But it did not turn smoothly.. I wonder if this trigged the problem.... Thank you Juan....

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