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Today I started with small and easy to fix. The resistor pack checked out well. I checked the fuze, and found a mess of corrosion on all the fuzes and accompanying connectors.

A wire wheel and dremel later, and my tach is working again, and so is the blower. Well, it mostly works. Only when the cc is on automatic, and the top and bottom vent button pushed does the blower work. If either of the other fan buttons are pushed, then the blower stops. If I press the defrost button the blower stops as well. Moving the temperature controller away from max tetmp sometimes makes the center console behind the controls hiss a bit, and the fan to slow or stop.

I'm going to do the work on the cc unit, and then see. I mighty be lucky and this might fix my problem with heat.

Now all that's left is the proble of all the small holes nibbling at my car.
1982 300TD 300,??? miles, daily driver turned donor
1982 300TD, 184,000 miles, daily driver
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