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Unhappy Self leveling system bad leakage

Hello friendes,

Im brand new to this forum so I hope You excuse me if this question has been posted numerous times. Ive just bought a 1984 500 SEL with the self-leveling system. For some reason there is a leak in the system. The hydraulic fluid cannister was empty when I bought the car but everything seemed to be functioning OK so I bought the car.

When I checked the rear suspension by pushing down hard on it and releasing it swings up - down- up instead of just up. But driving reveals no bounciness or hard ride. The rear also seem to be maybe 1 inch lower than the front but I wouldnt say its low (I would prefer the front to be 1 inch lower instead).

Now to my problem - The other day I filled 3 liters of hydraulic oil in the reservoir and after driving a bit it seemed as if the rear was a little more stable and maybe a little bit higher than before.
So I was a happy camper.

The day after I rechecked the oil in the reservoir and it was empty

Ive been under the car and have not found the leakage (the weather is wet here now so I might have missed it). I looked at the engine oil dip stick and the oil level have risen.

Is this possible can the pump be leaking oil into the engine

Im thinking now that maybe my best option is to remove the self leveling system and go for new "straight" shocks and springs in the rear?

I understand from the earlier threads on this subject that rebuilding/ installing a new pump would be in order as well as installing new nitro-bladders but this would cost quite dearly. To go for "straight" shocks and springs is much cheaper.

Before I run of on any crazy tasks I submit to the collective visdom of this list for advise on how to troubleshoot the system more in detail as well as input from others that maybe already have rebuilt their cars in the same fashion as Im considering.

Please give me all the advise You can.

Many thanks,

Mikael Westerberg
1984 500 SEL
Vanersborg, Sweden
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