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Exclamation Hard Starting 300E

Everytime I go to start my car after the cars been "resting" it always takes forever to start. I turn the key, it cranks and cranks and cranks and when i think i got it started, it stalls. Recently it's been doing it occationally after it's jus been started. So what helps a bit is reving it while im starting, but still occationally stalls. I had some work on it a few weeks ago and my mechanic said it needed some new spark plug wires, now i didn't want to have him do it cause i was gonna have to pay much more to get it done, so i figured i'd just do it once i got around to it, which i havn't yet. Would that effect my starting that much? Also would worn Spark plugs do all this? Im going to replace these things with in the month. Also, would fuel injecters have a part in this? Once our school shop become usable (under construction), im going to be doing all this work then.

Thanks in Advance
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