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Question 300DT w/240D clutch line replacement alternatives?

I have recently installed a 240D transmission in a 300DT and thought I was bleeding the clutch line improperly, as the clutch was not engaging completely. A few days ago, however, the pedal dropped to the floor making me realize that it's probably more than just air bubbles. Now I notice that there is clear fluid leaking from the bell housing.
I wish I would have simply replaced the slave cylinder when the transmission was sitting in my driveway ! Oh well...
My question is this: I feel I should replace the cracked and corroded clutch line/hose while I'm at it...
There is less room above the transmission when mounted to a 5-cylinder, thus the stock clutch line does not fit very well for my application. I am curious if a BMW hose (perhaps 80's 325e) would fit the 12mm slave inlet. I would very much perfer the hose be routed UNDER rather than over, as the BMW part would allow.
Any opinions/suggestions?
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