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Lambda Duty Cycle % question

On the '92 300E I have adjusted the Lambda % 3 times. It runs better. I do have to say that. HOWEVER I think something may be out of whack or just completely out.

I can get the duty cycle where it averages ABOUT 50%. I am using Larry Bible's guage and it jumps as much as 7%. Each time I have checked it has been way off the 50% to which I adjusted it the last time. Instead of stalling, it now just "coughs" when I start from a complete stop. Not consistent, just frustrating especially when cold. It will die almost every time.

I have seen in the DIY where the duty cycle was on 50%. Should mine be doing that or will the fluctuate in %. What could be out to make it do this (EHA, Throttle body, Lambda controller?).

I'm actually begninng to have hope. HELP!!!
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