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Re: I just want it to run mainly.

Originally posted by TANK
I am not trying to discourage you, however, $1500 is nothing compared to what you may have to spend getting an old mercedes to reliable driving condition and keeping it there. ...
Tank's right of course, hence the saying that nothing's as expensive as a cheap 'Benz. On the other hand, Rad1043 is only 16. I know my standard for what absolutely had to be repaired on my car was a lot different then than it is now. There's basically no chance that a $500 116 is 100%. However, the motors on those cars are pretty much bulletproof (If its been maintained and the timing chain gets done in time), and you can do a significant amount of the wrenching yourself, so I say what's the harm in using it as a beater? You could do a lot worse for a first car, and hopefully it'll lead to a lifetime of Benzing.

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