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Hi Buddy Save your money and forget about the Haynes manual. It won't help you with replacing the injectors. Let me give you a few tips that will make the job a piece of cake. Remove the gas cap. Residual pressure will cause fuel to dribble out of the lines long after they're disconnected. Crack the lines loose at the top of the fuel distributor just a bit to bleed off system pressure. Be careful when you loosen the lines at the injectors. Look carefully at the bracket that holds the injector in place. When you turn the 14mm fitting, sometimes it spreads the bracket open before it comes loose. A 16mm open end wrench fits perfectly around the outside of the bracket and keeps it from spreading. Once the lines at the injectors are loose the hardest part is over. Loosen the lines at the top of the fuel distributor a few turns and this will allow you to easily move the lines out of the way when you pull out the injectors. The 5mm allen screws that fasten the brackets to the intake manifold can be a bit stubborn sometimes. Make sure you use a quality tool for this step. There isn't much room next to the fuel distributor to get at the screws. A 1/4 " drive bit and ratchet will make it easier to loosen the allen screws in this confined area. Use a bit of lube ( anything will do ) when sliding the new seals onto the new nozzles and DON'T FORGET TO REPLACE THE FUEL FILTER! It's really a simple job if you take your time. Good luck and let me know how it goes.
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