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Hello, I was going to check the wires, distr. cap, rotor due to a slightly "hesitant" idle today. Before I took the plastic covers off, what I noticed was oil in the front (first two cylinders only) passenger side wall of the cyclinder block and in the distributor cap rotor area. I have had the valve cover gasket replaced before and am sure it is not from their. Is this defenitely a head gasket leak? Could this be a cause of the hesitant idle. Oil consumption is not dramatic and the performance of the car otherwise is perfect. Should I still buy new and replace the distr. cap, plug, and wires. About the wires also, past messages have noted that the wires rarely fail. I was checking the condition of the wires directly above the exhaust manifold and they look rather faded or sort of surface cracked. Should I replace them also. Thanks for all the help again.
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