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Oh Great!

Thanks for the info guys,

This little problem sound serious. However, unlike my old corvette where the alernator was 38 buck and took me 1/2 to change, I think I'm in deeper water here!

Interestingly, I get to warning light on the dash to mention anything is wrong, (not that that is the difinitive answer to problems) however, If it was over-charging, which it might be, I would have thought that would trigger the indicator too.

A couple of questions come to mind...

Where is the voltage regulator?
My shop is about 5 miles away...The battery in brand new I think I should make it that far, don't you?

I think I'll check on parts prices tonight.

Man, I'll be glad to get this thing straightened out for a while.

This is starting to become annoying and expensive!

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