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I just replaced my fog lamps in my '84 500sel. This was the first time I replaced them since I bought the car. They were blown because when I first got the car the voltage regulator was overcharging the system and fried these. The ones that were in there were 12V 55W. When I went to get some new ones the guy at the import auto parts store tried to sell me some 12V 95W lamp replacements at $11.95 each. I told him I wanted to stay with what was in there already. He went in the back and came out with the 55watt replacements that I wanted. They were only $5.00 each. He said that alot of people upgrade to the higher wattage bulbs so that their fogs are brighter. I was wondering if the higher wattage bulbs are ok to use in my Euro 500. I thought I read somewhere that someone said that using the wrong bulbs could cause the contacts to melt or something bad like that. Are they ok to use in my Euro 500SEL?

84 500sel EURO 87K
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