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We have talked about this do a search on this forum for "importing an mb from germany" you will get some advice there from me and some other people.

There are no real differences as far as road wordeness is concerned (there use to be pre-1985 but not now). Euro cars tend to have stiffer suspensions and are sometimes tweaked differently there. The headlights are not sealed beams and the side indicators do not double as parking lights like the US models. You would have to run into a very very very very anal retentive cop or inspection officer for those to be a problem.

My advice is to do your homework on your local laws at your DMV and check out the NHTSB or NTSB website for directions. As I am in NY like you I can tell you there really isn't a problem. When you get your car do not go to the dealer on Northern Blvd for service...they seem to have a problem with grey market vehicles ...GOOD LUCK

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