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I doubt this applies to a 500E, but they did just recently change the rules on importing cars.

Last fall in an AutoWeek they mentioned that now people (no companies) can import cars that "have significant historical or technical importance." What they seemed to mean by this is cars that either are rare sports cars or ones that may of played a part in history like being formerly owned by the ruler of a country. For the sports cars there are certain limitations though, most importantly probably (and what cuts an 500E out) is that it canít be a model that was imported or very similar to one imported. Even a different engine didnít seem to count, it has to be a completely different car. Secondly, there was a limitation on how many miles you could drive it in a year. I believe it was something like 2000 miles, they feel that is enough to allow you to drive it to car shows and other events (it is not supposed to be a daily driver). They also have the right to inspect your odometer at any time to make sure you are not driving it more then the limit.

hmm, now if I could just come up with the $1.4 million so I can import a CLK-GTR...
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