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Wow, thanks for replying guys.

M.B. DOC I have inspected and exchanged all of the fuses also the ones in the trunk.

Iluvmils I suspect that the whole problem started with the passenger window. After attempting to lower the top I noticed that the passenger window was inop. My first instinct was that the fuse in the trunk was blown. Yes, I was right the passenger window fuse was blown. Immediately I replaced it with a new one, and attempted to lower the top. While doing this is when I noticed all of the problems. By the way Iluvmils, what is ECU and IC?

Where might the Base Module be located at and what does it do Gilly? I herd people mention it a couple of times.

Thanks for all your help guys, Im sure I will be able to locate the source of my problem with your in-depth knowledge.


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