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Thanks Guys. I knew I'd get some succinct advice from folks here.

Paul S. => Thanks for the pointer to Mike Tangas' thread. I recall seeing that last spring but never getting far enough into it to realize that he had done chain work as well. I've now printed the whole thing out for reference.

Mike (if you're reading this) WOW!! My hat's off to you for all the work and for caring. From the looks of the pictures your car and mine are nearly identical except for interior color (mine's navy blue) and year (86 vs 87). I may ask you some specific questions as I get into this project.

Right now I'm planning on pulling the valve covers this weekend just on the very remote chance that the guides were replaced by the PO or prior to the engine being installed into this car. Since this was a replacement engine, all I know is the approximate mileage at the time it was installed. I don't know what, if any, PM work was done to it as part of that process. While I strongly expect to find amber or darker guides, I'd rather not take the time doing all of this research and purchasing of parts only to open things up and find the job doesn't need to be done.

Hey - one can hope, can't one?


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