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Update - Steering Vibration better, need more input

Could a worn out steering coupling or steering gear be a cause of an intermittant steering wheel vibration? What about the rubber mounts and bolts that mount the steering gear - shop manual says replace bolts, don't reuse?

The steering linkage is tight. But, when I push/pull the wheel at 3 and 9, I do get a clunk. The rest of the steering linkage is tight and all less than 13 months old - including tie rods, drag link, idler, steering shock. Wheel bearings are good. It COULD be the tires, I will rotate them. Based on those results, I'll get a GSP 9700 involved as necessary.

But would like to know if steering gear or coupling could cause an intermittant vibration, that's particuarly bad on fresh asphalt and smoothest on good concrete...


P.S. I want to thank (again) the forum members that have helped me so far. Changing my struts made this vibration slightly worse than it was, BUT it reduced 99% of the vibration I WAS feeling near the gas pedal - particularly around town I have no vibration anymore in the gas pedal.
Brian Toscano
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