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Under the wheel arch, I think.

Originally Posted by surveyguy View Post
on my 240, the back of the hood is rubbing. I adjusted the hood forward slightly, no change, but i noticed it's sagging in the back more now. Evidently what i did, was move it forward enough that the main problem showed up....

so my real question is, how do i adjust the stopping point for the rear of the hood? in the front of the hood there is two adjustable rubber stops so that the hood can stop flush with the fenders. How do i do that for the back? if there is supposed to be adjustable rubber stops, please have mercy, my car evidently doesn't have them (hood was replaced by previous owner, it's blue,,, the rest of the car is red (dead giveaway)).
I think you need to jack it up at the front and go up and under from the wheel arch. It entails removing a liner of sorts after which you can see the adjustment bolts.

Good luck.

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