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Re: One of my "lessons learned the hard way"

Originally posted by Cap'n Carageous
The spark plug connectors have a resistence of 1000 ohms. Platinum plugs are resistor plugs so that doubles the resistence to 2000 ohms. It will run but not well. Most auto parts stores I deal with list the platinums as a direct replacement. Shows how much they know about MBs.
They make more money selling platinum plugs! You put them in at $5 a pop, then you get a poor running car and have to buy all this other stuff to correct it Sounds like good business Great platinum plug posters in the stores too!

The platinum plugs will progressively get worse the longer you have them in these early engines so it is concievably that your car will run worse now than it did when you first put them in. A vacuum leak can really make it even worse.
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