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Beatle Juice
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Hi Bob,
The only way know to do it is to remove the glove box and the radio. Then reaching in through the glove box opening, remove the guage closest to the radio (speedo or tach can't remember which) by unscrewing the finger nut on the back of the guage.once this guage is out then remove the center guage. You will be able to remove the decorative trim around the ignition tumbler by straightening the 3 ears that holds it in place. Then turn the key to 1 position to remove the chrome collar around tumbler by pulling it and key straight out. Then depress the button on the ignition switch to remove the tumbler. Then loosen the collar around the ignition switch to expose another button that needs to be depressed. At this point you will probably have to drop the steering column, by removing the 2 13mm bolts that you can get to through the guage openings. While pulling the steering column to the left,you can get just enough room yo pull the switch out. Reinstalling the guages is really tough. Unless your friend loves a challenge, I would take it to a shop. PS. If anyone knows of an easier method, or if I'm way off on my response, please let us know. Good luck!
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