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This is how I do it. Throttle cable first. Have an assitant press the pedal to, but not through, the kickdown switch, then turn the adjuster nut so the throttle opens to the stop on the housing without overstressing the cable. Release the pedal and turn the adjuster inside the car (on the cable inner at the bulkhead) so there is 0.5 to 1mm play where the cable is connected to the linkage on the throttle body. Check the first adjustment again and make sure the microswitch operates when the cable is fully released.

Adjust the transmission control cable so the two pointers on the linkage align, if there is any wear in the linkage to the throttle it helps to take up any free play with a finger on the bit the throttle cable is connected to so the disc on the throttle shaft is about to move and hold it while making this adjustment, otherwise you may get harsh shifting when accelerating gently.
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