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Thank you for the explanation. The car is going into the shop to track down a vibration when the car is put in drive/reverse. In that post, everybody is come back to the ignition as the problem. Overall, the ignition appears to be functioning well.

I'm leaning towards a more mechanical issue such as the exhuast system and transmission have some counter tension. The tranny was replaced about a year ago along with engine and transmission mounts. The tech is guessing that when the car was re-assembled, the transmission and exhaust were tightened with no stress on the chasis. So, when the car is on the road, new stresses, hence the vibration.

Anyway, we're going through all this on Monday, so I'll the center loop as something to check. A couple hours of the car in the air and a Tech at my disposal - priceless! Actually, I'm quite sure they will find a price!!! Thanks for the help.
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