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Mysterious Front-End 'liquid'

Unfortunately, my newly acquired 59K mile 450 SEL (Euro) got smacked in the front this week.

I've had it in the garage for 2 days waiting for the body shop to pick it up. You're damn right - I'm fixing this thing. Appears largely cosmetic.

The only thing I've noticed has been a small (maybe 2-3 drops per day) of a greasy lube-like confection under the extreme front end of the car. Description: does not smell; has the consistency of vaseline - and is clear (but thick). Very thickish.

Any ideas what this could be? Fan lube? Anything?? Is certainly not coolant, trans fluid, or oil. That's for sure.

Just want to make sure that when the car is up and running again, I don't burn out any non-lubes items. Thanks for any insights.
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