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Sean Thom
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Thanks for your in-put! I hope it isn't that serious but I got the car to put some money into, I hadn't planned to put that much in it! I can't even find parts for it! I have put in a couple of parts inquary's in at the parts shop but am still waiting for a response. I know I need to replase the linkage and maybe the carb but I can't even get ball-park figures to think about. My mechanic wanted $15000 to fix it but he couldn't even tell me this with a straight face!! He also couldn't find ANY used or rebuilt parts! I saw a 73' for sale with a good moter but that guy hasen't responded either, and he is a member of Mercedes Shop! I guess I will try to contact him again but knowbody seems to be able to tell me if that moter will even work with my 75'! This car looks great but I don't know what to do with it!?!
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