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It's actually a replacement grill (I found one on Ebay and have seen several since). I bought one they said was for a '94/'95. Don't think so!!! It took about 12 hours of recutting chrome strips, etc to make it fit. Then lots of epoxy to hold it in place. 6 months later its coming apart.

Here was the problem:

The vents are a fairly soft plastic with little tabs that act like a track to
hold the chrome strips in place. It those tabs ran the whole length of vent,
then the chrome would stay put. Instead, there's just a tab about every 6
inches. So, not a good snug, continuous fit.

Next, at the outer edges of the vents the chrome is held in place by rubber
bands. A couple weeks in the sun, run, etc., the bands became brittle, then
broke and finally fell off.

My very biased opinion:

If the grill was for a '94/'95 then it was a peice of crap. If it was really for a
'93 or earlier and the seller didn't know it, then it would probably be okay
on a '93 or earlier.

The problem with '94/95 is that the has a different curl/bend/profile than
the '93s and earlier, so making it have the right curvature put some
pressure on the vents & chrome - hence my problems.

The solution (someday):

One Sunday when there's 4 football games back to back, I'm going to sit
down in front of the TV with about 20 tubs of epoxy and build up the
undersides of the chrome grill to hold the vents perfect in place. It's really
not that hard, you use the epoxy that is like clay and just mold everything
into place. If you can see any of the epoxy from the exterior, take a little
water on your finger and smooth it out. Follow by alittle black paint. When
you pop the hood, the back side of grill looks pretty bad, but from the front
you'd never know. The hardest part of initial install was cutting the chrome
pieces, they had to be at slight angles - very hard to do with a little dremmal

Almost forgot, the pieces held in by epoxy - tough as nails, no problems
there. It's every other point without epoxy!
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