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My DEPO's arrived today, after a somewhat lengthy delay (thank you West Coast Stevedores ). OH well, they were stuck on a boat here for a few extra days, it happens. Went to the dealer and picked up a pair of 6 pin plugs, covers and 2 sockets for laying in the wiring for city lights. Grand total cost $7.20.

The only "rewiring" you'll need to do is opening the cover of the 4 pin plug and moving the sockets to the postions previously listed.

All I did tonight was solder the jumper wires to the sockets for pin 3 (of the new 6 pin plugs), tomorrow after work I'll probably mount and wire the units. Will retain the US wipers in the fashion of LGB-BENZ, at least until I can "stumble" across some euro wiper motors.
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