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I have been having problems with the idle on my 1986 190E 16V especially when it warms up and even more so after a decent run at driving RPM's. Anyway, I had it checked by a specialist and he checked the ohm reading on the air flow meter and said it was not reading as it should consistently which make sense because the idle only acts up one out of ever four times.

The problem with the idle is that it either stays at 2000 Rpm after a driving stint or will fluctuate around 1500 by its own. Usually if I gas it a few times it comes to rest at 1000 Rpm where it should be.

Is the airflow meter a good suspect here? Are there any place to get a cheap one? I here the price is around 400-500 for a new one? Is there a possibility of getting a used one? What are the risk of used ones not working?
Is there any chance of being able to salvage the one I have?

Thanks for the help

Peter S. Bauman
190E 16Valve 1986
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