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300e high idle all the time

I'm getting no where real fast and spending money. so far I have replaced the idle valve no help, I also replaced the fuel pressure regulator because gas was coming out of what appears to be the atmosphric vent (a line coming off the front of the regulator and going into the hose from the air cleaner to the top of the valve cover. the gas flow stopped with the new regulator. There are three temp sensors on the drivers side of the head, the middle one is for the instrument panel temp gage. I have ohmed the sensors both hot and cold, all readings are with the meter set on the 20K scale, first sensor cold reads 4.07 ohms hot .61 ohms the third sensor cold reads 3.60 cold and .69 hot (cold ambient temp was 73 degrees F (approx 22 deg C) hot temp readings from car temp gage approx 27.5 deg C. Are these readings normal? I can unplug the connector from the idle valve and RPM drops about 500. Also the radio antenna when turn the radio on starts up then goes right back down, after that the antenna will not do anything. Does that indicate the mast assembly is bad? There is an item mounted on the drivers side in front of the antenna, what is it and what is its purpose. Does anyone know if there is a description of operation located on the Mercedes Service manual disc for the fuel injection and where is it?
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